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Meta New Subscription Service In Europe

Facebook and Instagram Introduce Subscription Options in Europe: No Ads, More Choice from Meta

Meta is the business behind social media giants Facebook and Instagram. It has recently announced that users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. These region’s users will soon be able to pay for a monthly membership to access these platforms without advertisements.

This is because of the changing European legislation. The interesting new can be a good news if the specifics like pricing is in budget for the users

What is the subscription model by Meta?

From 1st November, the users in the Europe Union, Switzerland and Economic Area will have two options. First, the users can continue to use Facebook and Instagram for free but with ads tailored to their interests. Second, they can pay to have an ad-free experience. If the users choose the subscription model, their information will not be used for advertising purposes.


What is the cost for Ad- free Facebook- Instagram in Europe?

The subscription prices vary according on platform and location. For instance, it will cost €9.99 a month on the web, while it will cost €12.99 per month on iOS and Android. It is very important to remember that the cost for iOS and Android includes the fees imposed by Apple and Google through their own purchase policies.

Furthermore, the initial subscription protects all linked accounts in a user’s Accounts Centre until March 1, 2024. However from March 1, 2024, each extra account will incur a monthly price of €6 on the web and €8 on iOS and Android.

Why Meta is giving ad-Free Facebook and Instagram to European users?

Meta firmly advocate in an ad-supported internet that offers consumers with access to tailored products and services regardless of their economic standing. This also helps smaller businesses in reaching out to potential customers. Hence promoting economic growth throughout Europe. Meta will keep pushing for an ad-supported internet despite the addition of this subscription option.

This change is being pushed mostly because of  changing European rules and compliance with the General Data Protection egulation (GDPR). Meta announced its transition to the “Consent” legal foundation for data processing in August to address Europe’s evolving regulatory landscape, particularly the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) identified that a subscription-based model is a valid form of consent for an ad-funded service as per European legislation.


How will use of Facebook and Instagram change in Europe after Meta’s new subscription model?

Users who choose to continue using Facebook and Instagram for free will have the same experience. Meta provides tools and settings that allow consumers to tailor their ad experience. Such as  “Why am I seeing this ad?”- you can edit the Ad preference if you wish to not see such ads in future.

The load will come on advertisers too. Advertisers will also continue to perform personalised advertising campaigns in order to reach users who opt for the free, ad-supported service. Meta intends to invest in the development of new technologies in order to sustain the value for both users and businesses. It wants to strive a balance while guaranteeing that people have control over their ad experience.

It’s important to note that this subscription option is only available to people over the age of 18. Meta is looking into ways to provide minors with a responsible ad experience in response to changing regulations.


This business move was factored into Meta’s most recent business outlook and projections. It aligns with the changing regulatory situation.

Meta’s launch of subscription alternatives in Europe gives users more options for their ad experience on Facebook and Instagram. It shows that the company’s is dedicated to complying with European standards. At the same time provide free, ad-supported internet access to individuals who do not choose to subscribe.

Users may expect the same experience and advertisers will continue to use these channels to reach their targeted demographic. This subscription model is an important step towards complying with European rules and protecting user privacy and choice.


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